You Can’t Always Get What You Want…Or Can You

Lately I’ve been slightly obsessed with always having the best technological gadgets available on the market. I’ve always had an obsession with collecting expensive things, whether it was musical instruments, electronics, or antiques. But especially the latest technology is always finding its way into my mind, and my not having them causes me to become somewhat anxious.

I feel that this is not because I feel empty and am looking for something to fill the void, but rather because I’m aware of the things that I can produce if i simply put my mind to it.


I ended up riding my bike down to the water today and I saw a big group of people in a parking lot and they seemed to be waiting for something. They were dressed like they were ready for a party, and they had shopping bags filled with alcohol. I watched a photographer walked around and photograph groups of people make funny faces and gestures at the camera. It seemed like a circus to me.

Sometimes I look around the world and it seems like everything is just impossible for me to accomplish. In these moments I try to kick myself and snap out of it. It’s a sort of indulgence to wallow in self pity and contempt, and it never seems to bring any good results. Anyway, I was observing this scene here and I was thinking about the relationships between people and electronics. I saw that the camera was affecting the way that people behaved, knowing that an image of their body at that time would be viewed at a later time. I thought about how in the past, this wasn’t really a possibility, but probably peoples memories were much sharper so they could remember details even though something happened years ago.

The next moment, a large stretch SUV limo pulled up and I saw on the license plate border, “san mateo limo“. The driver was dressed sharp and had an air about him that seemed to impressed even the rowdy party people.